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Custom t-shirt design


With Go Custom, it’s not just about shirts. We understand every shirt we make symbolizes something. A message you want to relay, a relationship, vacation, special event, family, friends, or even if it’s that one funny shirt you saw once and have been wanting ever since. The list is endless. We aren’t here to quickly and thoughtlessly mass produce and ship, we make each individual shirt with the customer in mind, and satisfaction is our biggest priority.

We started off very small, and with every order we fulfil, with every warehouse space we move into due to quick expansion, we’re striving to better ourselves in every way. Whether it be turnaround times, having more variety in our inventory and designs, or customer service, we are extensively working on being the best we can be, for you.

Although we are proud of the strives we’ve made and are branching out as a bigger more well known company, we are still small enough to be able to give attention and consideration to each individual customer. Your opinions and thoughts matter to us, and we try our best to make sure all customer needs are met.

So you can confidently order through us, let’s create the shirt you’ve been wanting and make that event, anniversary, or vacation even more special.


GoCustom Our Team 2
Amr Hasan
Founder, CEO
GoCustom Our Team 1
Michael Phelps
Web Designer
GoCustom Our Team 3
Ziya Ur Rahman
Project Manager
GoCustom Our Team 4
Fatimah Hasan